Brand History: Billionaire Boys Club

The Beginnings :

Billionaire Boys Club and ICREAM were born thanks to the collaboration between the songwriter, musician, record producer, rapper, entrepreneur and fashion designer of the United States Pharrell Williams and the entrepreneur, Japanese fashion designer, DJ, producer, Nigo, founder of streetwear apparel brand A Bathing Ape (also known as BAPE). Basically, the meaning of Billionaire Boys Club, as Pharrell has declared, it’s something more than selling apparel, it’s means all people who belong in this club are the people who are like minded, who know that education is one of the greatest gifts to life. So, it’s anyone who believes that, and lives their life to the fullest. it just means that you have to have the willingness to do what makes you happy. The logo, created by a head of a spaceman, contains all Pharrell’s passion about space. Passion cultivated through the American show “In Search of”, directed by Leonard Nimov.
The same title was used for his first debut album: “NERD in search of”. Starting a new brand with a partner who already had a successful brand since almost 10 years old made all people exited and positive or the new project. Everyone was supportive.

The first appearance:

In 2003, after the release of some kind of t-shirts and polo on the YouTube video “Frontin” by Pharrell, the demand for the clothes got a positive increase and people started asking about it. After have sold those first t-shirt/polo, they got like a thousand orders therefore they we set up an e-commerce site. Consequently, ICECREAM born to represent a skateboard crew. Firstly, it was created just for some pairs of shoes but the Nigo’s aspiration was to put in a bigger context.

BBC t-shirt ‘Frontin’

Reebok x ICECREAM:
Long time ago, in 2004, all the production about the BBC’s apparel and ICEREAM’s shoes were managed by the British brand Reebok. Despite the fact that the first lines were released between January 2004 and 30 June, Pharrell filed a lawsuit against Reebok for $4 million citing quality and distribution issues. The lawsuit was eventually dropped after the two parties came to an agreement. In the meantime, Pharrell and Nigo could finally start their own business in Japan, in 2005.

However, Rebook dropped the “Reebok Ice Cream BoardFlip” out in 2006.

There was another sequel in 2007, Rebook dropped “Reebok Ice Cream BoardFlip II” out. Pharrell used to wear it but they didn’t get success.

During the 2007 there were also dropped “season 4” out. It was composed by jeans, hoodies, jackets e t-shirt. All of them made of strong colours.

Jay – Z x Billionaire Boys Club:

For facing the financial crisis, Billionaire Boys Club firstly, had to make a change and change pricing and production. The team agreed with Nigo that advocated to go out and find a new partner because he had to focus on Bathing Ape. In 2011 Jay – Z, a strong follower of the brand since the beginning and owner of his clothing brand called Rocawear (since 2007 in property of Iconix), announced on Twitter that he signed a partnership with Billionaire Boys Club / ICECREAM.

BEE LINE: First Chapter

2012 is the year the collaboration between Pharrell Williams (BBC) e Mark McNairy, an American fashion designer and owner of his clothing brand also known as Mark McNairy New Amsterdam. The collection, called “BEE LINE”, including a large kind of items such as t-shirt, camouflage shirt, pullover and some outwear made by with Crescent Down Works. The partnership goes on in 2013 as well with two different seasons: the first dropped out for Fall/Winter including a mix of prints, colour and plaid. The second, dropped out for the Spring, including colourful texture, sleeve shirt, nylon shorts and some hats.

2013 ended with others two important points: the launch of Billionaire Girls Club collection, completely dedicated to the female world, made by Japanese designer Sk8thing and including some t-shirts and gilet.

Secondly, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Billionaire Boys Club and the 20th anniversary of BAPE, they decided to release some t-shirts with a mix of their designs in order to make a unique logo .

In 2014, following the Bape style, Billionaire Boys Club set up an online platform for the Europe and, on 19 February, it opened the first “satellite shop” in London exactly where the Bape’s store closed.
ICECREAM dropped the Spring collection out, including a range on t-shirts and again, the sequel of “BEE LINE” was released. It included oversize long sleeve, oversize shirts, a barracuda-style-jacket and a multi-camouflage sneaker.

BEE LINE: Second chapter:

In the summer two more points were set up: the release of the Summer collection on 23 June, inspired by the ‘50/’60 of Miami, featuring graphics of beaches, vintage cars, yachts, and jets and also introducing a new pattern, pulling inspiration from Japanese newsprints. On August Billionaire Boys Club x Bee Line x Timberland teamed up a pair of limited edition 6-inch crimson red boots. Limited to just 300 in the USA, the boots were available exclusively at the Billionaire Boys Club New York flagship on 17 August, with an online release on August 18, priced at $250 USD.

The following month , on 5 September , at the NY store were released the Fall collection inspired of athletics word, including a range of monochromatic hoodies, crewneck e sweatpants.

BBC ‘landed on’ London.

The news were continuing on 2015 when the “satellite shop” moved into Soho in London guaranteeing the 3° store in the world, followed by the New York store opened in Manhattan on 2007 and the Tokyo store, opened on 2012 in Shibuya.
All the Spring season was released one more time with a lookbook-video called “Lost Signal”.

The 2015 was one of the most productive year, starting with the new collaboration between Billionaire Boys Club and Alpha Industries in order to create the NASA MA-1 flight jacket. Moving on the released of the collaboration between BBC and Feauture to commemorate the box match between Manny Pacquiao e Floyd Mayweather with a special t-shirt. Continuing with two new Timberland® 6-inch boot. The first rendered in an all-over grassy graphic and a honeycomb graphic. They were released on 22 May, priced $270 USD. However, another colorway completely blue was released on 16 August. The shoes-wave didn’t stop: on 20 November, adidas and Billionaire Boys Club teamed up for the first time to create a new design called “Diamonds & Dollar Signs” on two Adidas Stan Smith.

Pharrell buys back BBC/ICECREAM:

During 2016 Pharrell Williams and all the Billionaire Boys Club team declared the 50% requisition of the brand from Iconix, American group that managed brands and owner of brand such as UMBRO and Zoo York. The requisition put BBC/ICECREAM in the game again to expanding more their business.

Again, the new Spring season was released with a new lookbook-video called “Approach & Landing” showing the retro-style mixed by metallic colorway. To commemorate the one year of London store was released a special hoodie in collaboration with Novelist, a London Grime Artist. It was available exclusively at London store, priced $190 USD.

Pharrell x Billionaire Boys Club x adidas.

In the summer were released the “Exclusive Summer 2016” made of material like the French terry and cotton mixed with light colorway like green, blue and pink. The collection included one hoodie, some t-shirts, men-shirt and all of that were dropped out on 17 June. adidas Originals teamed up with Pharrell Williams and his Billionaire Boys Club label once again in a special collection called “Palm Tree”. It included a Stan Smith in two different colourways made of tropical design, a track top, some t-shirt, and a pair of shorts.

The 2016 ended with the new locations of NY store that opened in 7 Mercer Street (NY). The new store was designed by Snarkitecture and it includes other brands such as Human Made, Yeezy, adidas, Cactus Plant Flea Market, NEIGHBORHOOD, Medicom, COMME des GARÇONS Play and more.


Nowadays the new collection of Billionaire Girls Club was released for the Spring, including some crewneck and hoodie, all made by Frech-Terry and wearable for the man as well.

Recently Pharrell has declared the launch of ICECREAM collection with three long-sleeve with the address of NY store printed. Furthermore, it was made the new Instagram account called @solidgoldblackberry.
The name belongs to the old BlackBerry 8700 covered gold of Pharrell.

We have gone through all the most important points such as decisions, news, difficulties and the successes. These experiences made billionaire boys club a continuing brand. What can we have expected for the future?