KITH x Russell Athletic 2019 Collection: Ronnie Fieg presenta la collezione

Conosciuto come un prolifico collaboratore, Ronnie Fieg, designer e proprietario di KITH, ha mostrato le immagini di una nuova collezione insieme al brand sportswear americano Russell Athletic. Ecco le prime immagini della: KITH x Russell Athletic 2019 Collection.

Condivisa tramite il proprio account Instagram, la linea sarà composta da capi essential per la vita di tutti i giorni.

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For the past few years I’ve had this idea to tell a large color story through a collection. The idea stemmed from my nostalgia for retro athletics and what it was like to shop from catalogs when I was growing up. When thinking about US heritage athletic brands that helped inspire this concept, my mind always ran to Russell, the inventor of the original sweatshirt. So last year we sat down and spoke about our brands, our similarities and our differences, and I knew that in Russell we had the best partner to not only achieve this concept, but to make incredible product. When I began to tell them my idea behind color and cities, they brought out some of their vintage catalogs and that’s when everything clicked. These are scans of some of the catalogs from that day. I told Russell that I had a specific texture in mind for the fleece and that I wanted Kith to produce it. They trusted the vision, and a year later we came back to show them the perfect fleece for this moment. Heavyweight 14oz dry fleece with a super plush reverse side, custom developed in the US. Fast forward to now and we have developed a 96-piece collection. Hoodies, crewnecks, tees, and shorts all in 24 different colors with different logo executions, washes, and more. This one means a lot. Kith x Russell Athletic coming soon…

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Nella didascalia, Fieg spiega che il progetto nasce dalla sua nostalgia e dal suo amore per l’atletica retrò, che si è tramutato in una collezione composta da 96 pezzi e 24 colorazioni differenti.

Inoltre possiamo notare come gli scatti siano per mano della celebra fotografa di moda newyorchese Justin Bridges.

La Kith x Russell Athletic 2019 Collection è pronta a debuttare il 5 aprile presso tutti i punti vendita KITH e tramite il loro on-line store.